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About the Panevezys FEZ

The Panevezys Free Economic Zone (SEZ) is a new space for business in a city known for its industry and skilled workers in our country located at the crossroads of Western, Eastern and Northern Europe.

About the City of Panevezys

Panevezys, as Lithuania's fifth-largest city, has long been a hub of activity for the metal-processing, electronics, textile, food and beverage industries. The city boasts numerous schools training first-rate specialists in electronics, mechatronics and electromechanics, as well as other engineering and technical fields. Many local residents speak not only Lithuanian and Russian, but also Western European languages.

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Strategic Location in Europe

The Panevezys Free Economic Zone (SEZ) is strategically located along the Via Baltica highway, which runs from Warsaw to Tallinn, and the railway linking Moscow with Kaliningrad. It is 150 km from Vilnius and Riga, 240 km from the ice-free port of Klaipeda, 80 km from Siauliai airport, and just 5 km from the city centre. In this special economic zone in Lithuania you can start your own business.

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Panevezys FEZ Zone Manager

A key highlight of the Panevezys FEZ is the zone operator's experience developing real estate projects. That is why, whatever the investor's needs, any project is doable and work will start in just 1-10 months. Ogmios Group manages more than 300,000 sq. m. of commercial property and has completed projects for DHL Lithuania, Avon, Humana and other leading organizations.

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Panevezys FEZ Detailed Plan

Panevezys FEZ occupies 47 hectares with all necessary infrastructure. The detailed plan is in place and land is divided into individual plots. The territory features internal roads, paved access roads and a 7000 kW power line, as well as gas, water and sewer lines.

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Tax Incentives

Being a free economic zone, Panevezys FEZ enjoys exclusive tax benefits which make it faster and more cost-effective to set up and expand a business in Lithuania.

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