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Prof. V. Bumelis plans to invest 200 million euros in Lithuania

Three factories, 200 million euro investment, up to 500 jobs to be created - that is the latest project by Prof. Bumelis, who is a pioneer of BioTech sector in Lithuania.

It is planned that pharmaceutical drugs and cells, used for 3D printers that could print artificial human organs, would be produced.

JSC „Celltechna“ manufacturing complex is currently in design stage and it will consist of three manufacturing facilities and a large dome in the middle, where the R&D facilities would be established. The plan is that production could start in 2023.

Prof. Vladas Bumelis visited Panevezys three times already. This kind of investment would give a large boost to the region's economy. Panevezys Free Economic Zone (FEZ) is ready to do everything it takes so that this investment would land in City of Panevezys. Panevezys has a Kaunas Technology University Panevezys faculty that could be preparing chemical engineers and biotechnologists, and also there are several companies that already work within the biotechnology sector - a starch producer JSC "Amilina" (part of Roquette group) is just one example. Also Panevezys FEZ has fully ready infrastructure for greenfield developments - all land plots have electricity, gas, water, sewage, broadband internet and other.

„Panevezys can compete with much bigger cities and can offer a perspective of a growing, prosperous city with strong human capital, excellent business environment. We believe that high-value, hi-tech manufacturing within the field of biotechnology could become a strong axis for the whole region's development and we are prepared to do everything it takes so that this investment would land in our City of Panevezys“, – says Daumantas Simenas, Panevezys FEZ project manager.


Published: 2017-05-09

Source: Verslo Žinios (VŽ.lt, http://www.vz.lt/pramone/2017/05/09/naujas-v-bumelio-projektas--200-mln-eur-vertes-celltechna)

Vladimiras Ivanovas (VŽ) photograph.

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