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Investment and Investors

Direct investments in Lithuania in Panevezys by country of origin: The city has been chosen by:

Investment and Investors


Lithuania is attracting investments by more and more foreign companies. This same trend can be seen in Panevezys.



"Based on our experience, it can be said that both efficient manufacturing and production advances are happening in Lithuania. I'd also add that Lithuania is an ideal location in terms of logistics because we mainly import what's produced here to the Nordics," says Timo Seppä, Vice President of Operations Europe at PKC Group - one of the investment in Lithuania.

Source: Invest Lithuania press release


Schmitz Cargobull Baltic

Schmitz Cargobull Baltic Ltd.,- investing in Lithuania, the German trailer manufacturing and service company's Lithuanian arm, employs about 350 workers at facilities in Panevezys. The unit exports 96% of its production to Denmark, Sweden and Germany. It creates specialized vehicle solutions for transporting perishable products in insulated high-quality trucks, trailers and semi-trailers.

The company in 2011 achieved records sales of 87 million euros.

Source: Invest Lithuania


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