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we are Panevėžys FEZ

private operator of an entirely business-focused industrial park

Panevezys Free Economic Zone was established in 2013 and is the operator of the special economic zone. The company is part of Ogmios Group, a leading Lithuanian real estate developer specializing in industrial and commercial projects. Ogmios Group owns or manages more than 400.000 sq. meters of industrial and commercial real estate across Lithuania. In the city of Panevezys, it manages 80 hectares of private territory where Babilon City projects have been developed, including commercial, residential and manufacturing facilities. Ogmios Group also runs two legal offices as well as construction management and maintenance units.


What can we do for you?

We offer a wide range of support for our investors. Tax relief is one of them


for first 10 years CORPORATE PROFIT TAX*

(7,5 % for the next 6 years)

*(at least 1 million euros investment in fixed assets is required)





** - conditions apply

We are situated in a perfect stategic location

Our investors




AQ Wiring Systems

Arginta Engineering

Tin Cap

Our partners

Panevėžio miesto savivaldybė


Norvegijos - Lietuvos prekybos rūmai

Panevėžio prekybos, Pramonės ir Amatų Rūmai

Panevėžio krašto pramonininkų asociacija

They trust us

Don't take our word for it - here are the testimonies of prominent business leaders we have a pleasure to work with

Panevėžyje itin patogu gyventi ir dirbti – turime idealų susisiekimą tarp didžiųjų Lietuvos miestų ir 3 tarptautinių oro uostų, esame apsupti patikimų partnerių su kuriais galime vystyti įkvepiančią ir sėkmingą verslo aplink

Bjarne O. R. Moller

„Devold“ gamybos vadovas

Mūsų sprendimą prisijungti prie Panevėžio LEZ lėmė verslo sąlygų lankstumas, partnerių patikimumas ir patogus susisiekimas su Lietuvos bei Latvijos miestais

Andrius Večiorkus

„Spektrus EU“ vadovas




Still in doubt?

Here are top 5 reasons why we are the best choice for you

Strong and diverse supply chain

Panevezys is home to world-class industrial companies that produce highest quality products, components and services.

Qualified workforce for manufacturing

Highly skilled specialists with multi-industry experience.

Tax and business incentives

From 0% corporate, real estate tax incentives to extensive consultations on financial EU support for buildings/machinery/training

Ideal strategic location of Panevezys FEZ

1.5 hours drive to 3 international airports, directly connected by international highways and railways, midway between two Baltic capitals Riga and Vilnius.

Full One-Stop-Shop services

We take care of each investor from A to Z (from consideration, analysis and connections to key goverment/business people to construction and post-investment after-care).

For a full detailed overview and business proposal download our full report. We are eager to help your business grow!

Contact us for any question you have!